Fueling the growth of clean, affordable power

India is the fourth-largest energy consumer in the world. It will likely overtake China in the next
decade as the country that is driving the growth in global energy demand. However, the current
electricity generation and supply model is struggling to provide the electricity needed by all its
citizens and its growing industries. Over 360 million people in India still lack access to electricity,
perpetuating poverty, unemployment, and economic disparities. The challenges include limited domestic
energy production, financial viability of distribution companies, and a heavy reliance on coal-fired
power plants. For India to meet the increasing energy needs while minimizing the impacts to the
environment and public health, addressing the demand side via energy efficiency interventions, and the
supply side via renewable energy sources is imperative.

10:00 am to 10:20 am: Introduction to Clean Energy

WRI India’s work in demand aggregation for renewable energy and energy efficiency

Mr. Deepak Krishnan, WRI India

10:20 am to 10:40 am: Scaling-up Renewable Energy in India

How can industrial parks be designed or retrofit to go green?

Mr. Toine van Megen, Auroville Consulting

10:40 am to 11:00 am: Energy and Technology

The growing role of IoT and energy analytics in industrial energy efficiency.

Mr. Umesh Bhutoria, EnergyTech Ventures

11:00 am to 11:20 am: Developments, Policy, and Regulation in Clean Energy Sector

New market products that can help resolve current hurdles in clean energy adoption, and the policy
changes required to enable this.

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, SIDBI

11:20 am to 11:40 am: Ecocities Initiative in India

Mr. Rajesh Miglani, IFC (TBC)

11:40 am to 12 noon: Perspectives from the Media

What are the stories that people want to hear about renewable energy?

12:00 noon to 12:30 pm: Q&A
12:30 pm to 1:00 pm: Closing Remarks
Mr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO, World Resources

1:00 pm to 2:30 pm: Lunch

Moderator: Dr. Satish Kumar, Chairman, Alliance for Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)

2:30 pm to 2:50 pm: Energy Efficiency in Cities

Challenges and opportunities

Ms. Smita Chandiwala, Energe-se

2:50 pm to 3:10 pm: Community Participation

Vidyut Rakshaka, a citizen-led initiative to save energy

Ms. Sumathy Krishnan, TIDE India

3:10 pm to 3:30 pm: Residential Sector Energy Efficiency

Electricity use in residential sector- data and demand aggregation

Ms. Sumedha Malaviya, WRI India

3:30 pm to 3:50 pm: Green Retrofits

Green Retrofits For Commercial Buildings

Dr. Shivraj Dhaka, CII-Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

3:50 pm to 4:10 pm: Energy Governance

Governance for efficient buildings in Indian cities

Dr. Radhika Khosla, Centre for Policy Research

4:10 pm to 4:40 pm: Q&A
4:40 pm to 5 pm: Closing Remarks
12:30 pm to 1:00 pm: Closing Remarks

The way forward for energy efficient cities

Dr. Ashok Sreenivas, Prayas Energy Group

Venue: Tamarind , IHC