Connect Karo 2019

By 2030, over half of India's population will be living in cities. Urbanization is strongly linked to economic growth and productivity, and other social indicators like education, health and access to services. It is estimated that by 2020, urban India will account for more than 70 percent of India’s GDP. However, if unplanned, urbanization can increase inequality and social fragmentation, and negatively impact the environment. Many cities today are grappling with declining air quality, increased vehicular congestion, and poor quality and access to essential public services.

The Indian government recognizes that if we are to grow our economy, improve social indicators, and protect the environment, sustainable urban development is crucial. Thriving cities will lead to a prosperous country. With this in mind, Connect Karo 2018, “Thriving Cities, Prosperous Countries”, will focus on high-level discussions on critical urban issues like transport, land-use, air quality, housing, and energy, to identify key levers that could be used to accelerate infrastructure delivery and achieve the goal of access to all by 2022, when India turns 75.

Connect Karo 2023 offers a platform for multiple stakeholders from India and abroad to share their knowledge, perspectives, and experiences as well as to ease collaborations toward finding meaningful responses to critical environmental and sustainability challenges. Connect Karo is an institutional event that presents a wide portfolio of its research-based, solution-centric programs and initiatives.

This year, Connect Karo 2023 will convene plenaries on themes like Transformative Urbanization and Green Development as well as specific sessions on Climate Action, Responsible Energy, Clean Energy Transition, Energy for Health, Financing Clean Energy, Carbon Markets, Green Hydrogen Technologies, Food Loss and Waste, Healthy Public Spaces, Water Security, Water Resilience, Ecocity Regions, Transit-Oriented Development and Transport Efficiencies in E-Bus Initiatives.

Connect Karo 2023 promises to be a lively, dialogic space where ministers, administrators, policy makers, investors, philanthropists, business leaders and journalists deliberate with sectoral experts, practitioners, and researchers to reach an evidence-based understanding of complex, sectoral issues and seek nuanced, contextualized solutions to some of the most urgent challenges of our times.