Mr. N Rameshkrishnan

Mr. Ramesh has over two years of experience as a crash investigator in JPRI. He has successfully led teams of crash investigators to conduct scene and vehicle examinations as well as victim interviews for human functional failure analysis. He currently leads the Coimbatore team and is responsible for the technical management of the Road Accident Sampling System – India (RASSI) project. His prior experience involves vehicle examinations for OEMs, and conducting crash investigations and traffic speed/volume measurements for the World Bank-funded – iRAP Four States Project. He has also presented a paper on “The New In-Depth, At the Scene, Accident Investigation Database in India” at the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) Conference at Gothenburg, Sweden. Ramesh was nominated for two awards at that conference: the “Murray Mackay Young Researcher Award” and the “Gundolf Beier Foundation award”.