Mr. Ranjit Gadgil


Program Director, Parisar

Program Director,

Mr. Ranjit Gadgil is the Program Director at Parisar, an NGO working on Sustainable Traffic and Transport Issues - promoting walking and cycling, improvement of public transport and advocating less motorized vehicles for more livable cities. Mr. Gadgil graduated from IIT Kanpur with a Masters in Physics and pursued graduate studies in Theoretical Astrophysics at Cornell University. He then worked as an IT consultant for 7 years before returning to India in pursuit of something more meaningful. He has been associated with several NGOs gaining experience in various sectors. Mr. Gadgil served as Programme Director of Janwani, an initiative of the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture where he launched several urban governance projects. He has worked with many other NGOs such as Door Step School (providing non-formal education to out-of-school children of construction workers) and SWaCH (cooperative of waste pickers who do doorstep collection and segregation of waste). He was the Lead India finalist from Pune. Mr. Gadgil’s current interest is non-motorized transport.



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