Ms. Nisha Singh


Councilor, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon

Municipal Corporation
of Gurgaon

Ms. Nisha Singh is Councillor, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. She has worked in the corporate sector in companies like Siemens, Barclays and Google. Over last few years, she has been investing her time and skills in the field of social development. She believes that providing quality education to children is the key to eradicating poverty and many ills that follow with it. Her motivation is to make a difference. She believes it is time to act and take charge. As a councillor she is in a position to make a direct positive impact on our surroundings and our city, by getting civic authorities to do their job in a clean and effective manner and by getting authorities to direct their resources and funds to the projects which improve the quality of our daily lives, without corruption take its toll, I can make a significant contribution. Nisha completed Engineering in Electronics, from Mumbai University and an MBA from London Business School.



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