Mr. Jaspal Singh


Consultant, Star Bus

Consultant, Star Bus


Mr. Jaspal Singh is a Consultant with Star Bus Services Pvt. Ltd., which is manages a fleet of 100 low-floor buses in Delhi. He is the founding member of the consultancy firm – Valoriser Consultants, which is engaged with some domestic and international companies like Serco and Veolia Transport in the area of bus transport. Previously, he was working as Deputy Manager (Road Transport Group) with Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited. He has around 7 years of wide-ranging experience and has also worked as a research analyst. He has won several awards in the field of public transport and social work. Mr. Singh received his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce followed by a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialisation in International Business from University School of Management Studies, GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi.



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