Mr. Raj Cherubal


Director - Projects, Chennai City Connect

Projects, Chennai
City Connect

Mr. Raj Cherubal is the Director-Projects for Chennai City Connect (CCC). CCC, a platform for industry associations and civic organisations, envisions vibrant Indian cities that deliver world-class quality of life, infrastructure and services for all its citizens—rich and poor. Mr. Cherubal has written and worked to promote decentralisation and good urban governance. As part of Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy (JCCD), Mr. Cherubal and his team promoted concepts like effective, decentralised urban centres, Mayoral system of governance, and Area Sabhas to promote meaningful public participation. Earlier Mr. Raj Cherubal was Vice President at Centre for Civil Society (CCS) where he was part of the School Choice Campaign to empower poor parent with resources to make their own decisions regarding their children’s education. Part of a growing global movement to promote school choice, they have met thousands of Dalit and tribal parents, among others, to initiate dialogue on expansion of supply of good quality schools for their children.



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