Mr. BC Khatua


IAS (Retd.) Director, Mumbai Transformation Support Unit

IAS (Retd.) Director,
Mumbai Transformation
Support Unit

Mr. B C Khatua is currently the Director of the Mumbai Transformation Support Unit. The MTSU is an initiative that facilitates the process of Mumbai's transformation, through an advisory, co-coordination and monitoring role in the projects undertaken by city agencies. Mr. Khatua has held several significant positions where his involvement has made a difference. While he was Chairman of Forward Markets Commission, part of the Government of India, he effectively regulated Commodity Markets during the 2008-09 global financial crises. Prior to this role, as Principal Secretary of Water Supply and Sanitation Department of Government of Maharashtra, Mr. Khatua introduced reform-based, community participatory mode of drinking water scheme. His achievements brought back World Bank funding to the state, following a gap of nine years. As the Textiles Commissioner of the Government of India, Mr. Khatua implemented the Textile Upgradation Fund Scheme, which went on to revive the industry after 50 years of neglect. The scheme’s strategy continues to be adopted by several departments and is known as the most successful scheme of the Government of India.



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