Mr. Binoy Mascarenhas


Associate, Integrated Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Associate, Integrated
Urban Transport,

Mr. Binoy Mascarenhas is an Associate - Urban Transport at EMBARQ India. He is based in Mumbai and is primarily responsible for the public health and road safety improvement across projects at EMBARQ India. Mr. Mascarenhas has participated in a number of road safety audits and inspections across the country. He has also worked on projects for improving street design, which effectively balance the needs of motorized and non- motorized transport, thereby improving safety and convenience for all road users. He is also working on studies to measure the public health benefits of Bus Rapid Transit in two cities, namely Ahmedabad and Indore. Mr. Mascarenhas has over six years of work experience, across the fields on business analytics, project development and urban transport. He has previously worked at IL&FS, where he was involved in the development of transport infrastructure projects in Mumbai. He has also worked as a business analyst at Genpact, formerly GE Capital, where his work involved statistical analysis, route optimization and process systemization.



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