Ms. Rejeet Mathews


Project Manager, EMBARQ India

Project Manager,

Rejeet is a Project Manager – Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India. She coordinates and assists in managing the practice area of urban development and accessibility. Her work lies at the intersection of sustainable transport, urban planning and urban design. With a focus to ensure change on the ground, she helps form and sustain partnerships with various government agencies involved with urban development to mainstream transit and people oriented developments. She works on projects of safe pedestrian access, public space design, transit oriented development, and influencing brownfield and greenfield development paradigms. Rejeet has previously held key responsibilities on projects that range in scale from metropolitan region plans, city master plans, detailed project reports, feasibility studies, urban design, micro level plans and architecture. Her work experience has been largely in the Indian sub-continent (including Sri Lanka and Pakistan) with further project related experience in countries such as France and Libya. She has a comprehensive knowledge of cross cutting scales while being cognizant of the various processes employed to achieve well- grounded and desired results



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