Mr. Vidhyadhar Phatak


Independent Urbanist

Independent Urbanist

Mr. Vidyadhar K. Phatak is working as an independent urbanist since 2004. Prior to being an independent urbanist he was the Principal Chief of Town and Country Planning Division of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). He was a member of the Task Force on “Planning of Urban Development” appointed by the Planning Commission, Government of India (1983), National Commission on Urbanization appointed by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India (1988). He was a consultant to the World Bank for preparation and appraisal of the First Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project (1987). After 2004 he has been a consultant to the World Bank for various studies in housing and urban development and has co-authored papers on housing policies. During 2008-09 he was Town Planning Adviser to Government of Punjab. He has been Adviser to Lea International, PWC, CRISIL and KPMG on matters related urban development. He was a Director of the National Housing Bank till 2011.



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