Master plans have no connect with city, says senior babu

Times of India - Bangalore, 11 March, 2014
That master plans for Bangalore are just decorative documents with little relevance or people connect, was highlighted by speakers at a conclave held in the city on Monday.
Damning previous comprehensive development plans (CDPs) drawn up by the BDA, PN Sreenivasachari, principal secretary of the transport department, said: "There is no idea who's consulting whom before the master plans are made. These just become gazette orders decorating government offices. Have any of these CDPs indicated that land earmarked for a particular plan is required or will enhance the utility of the land? Little or none," he said.
Sreenivasachari was speaking at the inaugural session of a two-day conclave-Connect Karo, organized by Embarq India on Monday. Embarq is a World Resources Institute's centre that works towards sustainable transport in world cities. Land use planning, transit-oriented development and solutions for mobility were some of the issues discussed.
Sreenivasachari added that investments and institution capacities do not match urban growth. "Our urban agglomerations are not controlled by us because the economy has opened its gates to the world. There are six or seven planning authorities in the city but the question that poses a challenge is how to integrate all these plans. Not just BDA, agencies like Bescom, BMTC and BWSSB should also have plans for 10 years ahead," he said.
Urban expert Ashwin Mahesh also said the BDA's master planning process is premature and not based on the performance of previous CDPs. "The advantage Bangalore has is the participation of civil society in social issues and solving issues by pressuring governments. The focus should be on making a road map for the next five years in every sector, including mobility, conversion to clean fuel and non-motorized transport."
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