Session 4B : Walking Transit - Enhancing Safe Access to Transit Nodes

April 16, 2013

12 pm to 1:30 pm

Session Chair :

Mr. Anuj Malhotra, CEO, Center for Green Mobility

Panelists :

Mr. Ravichander V, Chairman & Managing Director, Feedback Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd

Mr. PRK Murthy, Chief, Transport and Communications Division, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

Ms. Nisha Singh, Councilor, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon

Mr. Apurva Patel, Honorary Secretary, MIDC Marol Industries Association

Ms. Sonal Shah, Associate – Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India

Background :

Increasing urbanisation in India has been accompanied by a growth in the number of motorized vehicles. While public transport and non-motorized modes vary from 60-70%, with increasing incomes and insufficient and poor quality infrastructure, there has been a decline in these mode shares. One of the challenges is to preserve the existing modal shares in public and non-motorized transport and then shift people from private vehicular modes.

While large investments are being made in public transport, safe, comfortable and convenient pedestrian access remains a major challenge. It is generally not an integral part of planning the system. Walking is not considered as a mode of transport and non-motorized transport is perceived as a sign of backwardness not commensurate with the development goals of an emerging economy. In addition road engineering standards are geared towards vehicular mobility and prescribe “minimum” standards without considering the need for utilities, street furniture or vending activities. Further institutional structures - lack of coordination between agencies, lack of public participation combined with a lack of capacity within the ecosystem impede holistic planning and implementation of NMT accessibility to transit nodes.

With these challenges as a background, the panel on “Walking Transit - Enhancing Safe access to Transit Nodes" seeks to enable a better understanding of how NMT accessibility to transit nodes can be prioritized, planned and institutionalized.

Presentations :

Implementing Road Designs Where Pedestrians are at the Heart of the Plan - Ravichandar

Metro Station Area Management and Dispersal - Vijaylaxmi, MMRDA

Public Participation in Improving Safety and Accessibility - Nisha Singh 

Involving Local Stakeholders - Case of MIDC Marol - Apurva Patel 

Approach to Enhance Access to Transit Nodes in Urban Infill Contexts - Sonal Shah