Session 4A : Role of Rickshaws/Taxis in Sustainable Transport

April 16th, 2013

12 PM to 1:30 PM 

Session Chair:

Mr. RK Singh, Director (UT), MoUD

Panelists :

Mr. Khatua, IAS (Retd.), Director, MTSU

Ms. Anuradha Bhavnani, Country Head, India, Shell Foundation

Mr. Raj Cherubal, Director - Projects, Chennai City Connect

Mr. Nirmal Kumar, Founder and Managing Trustee, Nirmal Foundation

Mr. Akshay Mani, EMBARQ India

Background :

Auto-rickshaws and taxis are an important part of urban transport, and are found in most Indian cities. As an intermediate public transport (IPT) mode, they fill a critical gap between private and public transport modes in India. The importance of auto-rickshaws in cities is evident by the sheer size of the market, which varies from more than 50,000 vehicles in Tier I cities (population greater than 4 million) to between 15,000 and 30,000 vehicles in Tier II cities (population between 1 and 4 million).

Auto-rickshaw and taxi services in Indian cities currently belong to the unorganized sector, where services are provided by individual owner-operators and not as an organized fleet service. The unorganized nature of the sector poses many challenges including lack of brand image, poor public perception, poor quality of service (such as refusals), and operational inefficiencies (such as empty trips). Catalyzing organizational reforms in the form of fleet- based services is an important next step to address the above challenges.

The objective of this session is to discuss the current barriers and opportunities to promote organizational reforms through auto-rickshaw and taxi entrepreneurship initiatives, and highlight best practices from select cities, which can be replicated across India to enable auto- rickshaws and taxis to promote sustainable urban mobility, and achieve triple bottom line benefits in the economic, social, and environmental realms.

Presentations :

Role of Auto-Rickshaws and Taxis in Sustainable Transport - RK Singh 

Cast Study of Reforms in Mumbai's Auto-Rickshaw and Taxi Services - BC Khatua, IAS 

Investing for Large-Scale Impact

Auto-Rickshaw and Share-Auto Reforms in Chennai - Raj Cherubal

G Auto - Nirmal Kumar

Promoting Entrepreneurship in India's Auto-Rickshaw and Taxi Services - Akshay Mani