Session 3A : talking Transit 3 - Planning and Design of Feeder Services and Short Routes

April 16, 2013

10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Session Chair:

Mr. OP Gupta, IAS, GM BEST


Mr. Victor Nagaonkar, OSD BEST

Mr. R R Deshpande, Chief Manager (Traffic) BEST

Mr. Salvador Herrera

Prof. Abhijit LokreCEPT University

Background :

Bus services play a major role in the provision of public transport. These services take many forms, varying in distance covered and types of vehicle used, and operate with fixed or flexible routes and schedules. Feeder bus services are designed to pick up passengers in a certain locality, and take them to a transfer point where they make an onward journey on a trunk service. This can be another bus, or a rail based service such as a tram, rapid transit or train. Feeder buses act as part of a wider local network, or a regional network. Planning and design of feeder services requires understanding of the existing origin- destination points, network connectivity, ease of transfer from/to the feeder service, competing alternatives, fare pricing, routing etc. This session will provide an insight into the planning and selection process for feeder routes in partnership with BEST, which has been providing feeder services in Mumbai for past several decades. The session will include presentations with some of the best practices in designing of feeder services along with case studies/examples.

Presentations :

Planning and Design of Feeder Services and Short Routes - RR Deshpande 

Planning and Design of Feeder Services and Short Routes - Salvador Herrera 

Feeder Services in BRTS: New Concepts - Abhijit Lokre 

Indore BRT: Route Planning Options and Challenges - Prashanth Bachu