Session 2B : Connecting People to Cities - Reimagining the master Plan

15th April, 2013

4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

Session Chair:

Mr. EFN Ribeiro; former Chief Planner, Town and Country Planning Organisation/ Chairman, Board of Governors, Bhopal

Panelists :

Mr. VK Phatak, former Chief, Town and Country Planning Division, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority

Ms. Henriette Vamberg, Director, Gehl Cities at Gehl Architects, Denmark

Ms. Champaka Rajagopal, Principal, Urban Study and Consulting, Egis India

Ms. Mriganka Saxena, Senior Consultant, UTTIPEC, Delhi Development Authority

Ms. Rejeet Mathews, Project Manager, Urban Development and Accessibility, EMBARQ India.

Background :

In India, Master Plans or Development Plans prepared under their respective State Town and Country Planning Acts are currently the main statutory tool used to allocate densities and land use and to develop, improve and regulate the planning area in its entirety or in parts. Development Control Regulations (DCRs) as part of Master Plans/ Development Plans are to address parameters such as floor area ratios (FAR), building heights, parking norms, coverages and setbacks which give little or no indication of context, character of the area and several other qualitative aspects.

A summary of observations and investigations however, show that people and human activity are the greatest object of attention and interest. Life in buildings and between buildings seem in nearly all situations to rank as more essential and more relevant than the spaces and buildings themselves.2 The discussion will revolve around the future of Development/ Master Plans as the main statutory tool that could help reconnect people back to cities. Translation of the developments in cities to pedestrian scaled urban environments which are of mixed use and high density with easily accessed transit is the need of the hour. The existing statutory frameworks of the Development/ Master Plan may be looked at as a pertinent tool to recognize the ability of transport systems to shape urban growth and demography favorably to lead to sustainable cities.

Presentations :

Institutional Aspects of Urban Mobility - Vidyadhar Phatak 

Human Scale Developments - Henriette Vamberg

Strategic Master Planning - Champaka Rajagopal

TOD and its Inclusion in the Master Plan - Mringanka Saxena, UTTIPEC 

Connecting People to Cities - Rejeet Mathews