Session 1B : TOD Karo Challenges -Challenges ad Opportunities in implementing TOD principles in India

April 15, 2013

2.00 PM to 3.30 PM

Session Chair:

Ms. Manjula Vinjamuri, IAS, Commissioner, Directorate of Urban Land Transport, and E/o Principal Secretary to Government, Urban Development Department,Bangalore, India

Panelists :

Ms. D Thara, IAS, Commissioner, AUDA, Ahmedabad, India

Prof. RJ Vasavada, Head of Centre for Conservation Studies, CEPT, Ahmedabad,

India Ms. Brinda Sastry, Urban Designer and Planner, Bangalore, India

Ms. Shreya Gadepalli, Regional Director, ITDP, Chennai, India

Mr. Himadri Das, Program Manager, EMBARQ, India, India

Background :

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a walkable, mixed-use form of area development typically focused within a 600m radius of a transit station. Higher density development is concentrated near the station to make transit convenient for more people and encourage ridership. TOD is about capitalising on the concentration of people generated by public transit, and about protecting the environmental and cultural landscape from being obliterated by the force of urban transformations caused by transit projects.

There has been extensive work done in the area of TOD in India. The cities of Ahmedabad and New Delhi have already demonstrated their intent to integrate TOD in the existing planning framework by including TOD as a tool for urban development in their master plans. Although substantial work is done on developing principles of TOD in India as well as its implementation mechanism, TOD still remains an abstract entity in terms of its response to people, cultures, traditions and rituals. TOD focuses essentially on infrastructure and density issues and tends to sideline the challenge of addressing people.

The Panel on "TOD Karo - Challenges and Opportunities in implementing TOD principles in India" hopes to address these challenges in order to foster agreements among practitioners and researchers and help outline the next steps in this specific area of discussion.

Presentaions :

Draft Development Plan 2021 (Review) AUDA - D Thara, IAS 

Learning from Traditional Cities - RJ Vasavada

Making Connections, Shaping Places - Challenges and Opportunities- Brinda Sastry 

Demystifying TOD - Shreya Gadepalli

TOD Karo - Challenges and Opportunities in Implementing TOD Principles in India