Session 1A : BusKaroPlus Activities for 2012 and Plans for 2013

April 15, 2013

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Session Chair:

Mr. SK Lohia, Officer on Special Duty (Urban Transport) and Ex-Officio Joint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

Panelists :

Mr. N Manjunatha Prasad, IAS, Managing Director, KSRTC

Mr. Anjum Parvez, IAS – Managing Director, BMTC

Mr. Jaspal Singh, Consultant, Star Bus Services Private Limited

Mr. Holger Dalkmann, Director, EMBARQ

Mr. Amit Bhatt, Strategy Head, Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Background :

Public transport is imperative to the development of our cities and town, however, until a few years ago, only 15 of 38 cities with populations over 1 million had formal public transport services. Realising the need to resolve this situation, the Government of India, through the Ministry of Urban Development, has awarded large financial incentives to encourage cities to design and implement city bus systems and other sustainable transport solutions under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM).

It was evident that except for few bus companies in big cities, there is a lack of capacity to design, implement, and maintain high-quality bus systems even if they have received the funds under JnNURM to do so. EMBARQ India recognised this capacity gap, and as a first step, developed Bus Karo, a guidebook on bus planning and operations, which was supported by the British High Commission. This guidebook was used to conduct training workshops for practitioners, academics and policy makers. These were well received and there was a demand for more such trainings and capacity building activities with greater levels of detail and intensity. Taking this into account, EMBARQ India with support from FedEx, created the BusKaroPlus programme.

The vision of BusKaroPlus is for at least 20 Indian cities to have more than 40% of motorised trips take place in public transportation by 2016. In order to achieve this, public transport in India needs to significantly improve, enhancing mobility and accessibility. Recognizing that an effective knowledge-sharing forum is vital to the development and improvement of bus systems in urban areas, EMBARQ India has launched BusKaroPlus for public transport providers in Indian cities. The programme is designed as a best practice and peer learning network for public transport providers in Indian cities and comprises of three segments:

  • Taking Transit: involving capacity building workshops, and study tours.
  • Learning Transit: involving helping pilot initiatives, providing technical sup.
  • Mentoring Transit: documenting case studies, databases, best practices.




 Bus Terminal Amenities and Real Time Information Systems - N Manjunatha Prasad, IAS

City Bus Service Modernisation "BusKaroPlus" - Anjum Parwez, IAS 

Impact of Driver Training on Fuel Efficiency - Jaspal Singh

Sustainable Fuels for Urban Transit Buses - Holger Dalkmann 

BusKaroPlus - Review of Activities - Amit Bhatt