Mr. Srikanth Shastry


Associate – Integrated Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Associate Integrated
Urban Transport,

Mr. Srikanth Shastry is an Associate – Urban Transport at EMBARQ India. He is currently engaged in a couple of projects; Bus Karo Plus and an accessibility project in Mysore. As part of the Bus Karo Plus initiative, he assists public bus operators in the cities of Hubli- Dharwad, Gulbarga and Mysore to identify and solve issues related to operations. In addition to the Bus Karo Plus work in Mysore, he assists city agencies to develop a conceptual model for pedestrianizing the inner city and linking it with a public bicycle scheme. Prior to EMBARQ, Mr. Shastry was employed as a researcher at the Indian Institute of Science, where he developed a web based multi-modal trip planner for Bangalore city. Before that he interned at the International Institute of Geo-sciences and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands where he developed a methodology to spatially evaluate transit oriented development and used the case of Ahmedabad city to support the methodology. He has also worked for a few years as a programmer.



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