Mr. Prashanth Bachu


Project Manager –Urban Transport, EMBARQ India

Project Manager
Urban Transport,

Mr. Prashanth Bachu is a Project Manager – Urban Transport at EMBARQ India. He is based in Indore and supports EMBARQ India’s initiatives on sustainable transport, focusing on improving the performance of bus operations and offering technical support to the Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd. (AICTSL) – the company responsible for the city’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiative – where he has been extensively involved in various supporting roles to the agency. He is working on the BusKaroPlus project that includes capacity building and envisages creating a peer-to-peer learning network among city bus agencies. Mr. Bachu has also conducted performance analyses of city bus routes, including the direction based Big-10 routes in Bangalore that resulted in improved operations and the introduction of express services.



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