Agenda for Connect Karo 2018

India is urbanizing at a phenomenal rate. By 2030, the country will boast of an urban population of nearly 600 million, who in turn will generate 75% of the national income.This government clearly sees urban development as an integral part of its transformation strategy for India as a country over the next 20 years. It’s clear to the government that thriving cities will lead to a prosperous country.

Having said that India’s Urbanization is now recognized to be underperforming. Slower rates for job growth, lack of infrastructure, crippling congestion, lack of public services, inability to respond to climate disasters are all cited as reasons. 

Connect Karo 2018 will convene high level and nuanced discussions on four critical urban systems transport, land-use, housing and energy, to identify key levers that could be used to accelerate infrastructure delivery and achieve goals of access to all by 2022 when India turns 75. This year's theme is "Thriving Cities Prosperous Countries".

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