Q. What is meant by road safety?


A. Road safety refers to safer mobility for all road users. It plays an important role in improving the quality of life in urban cities. A comprehensive road safety strategy/ initiative strives to create a safer environment by using reliable data to detect problems and ensuring that streets are safe for everyone and not just cars.


Q. What is the judging criteria?


A. The applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

a)   Innovation in approach

b)   Scale of the project

c)   Implementation of project

d)   Success achieved (for e.g. reduction in accidents and injuries, awareness raised etc)

e)   Lasting impact of the project and possibility of scale-up


Q. Can I edit my entry after I have submitted it?


A. Unfortunately, you cannot change your entry after it has submitted. However, if there are small errors in your submission, please write to tgupte@wri.org for the edits.


Q. How will I know who won?


A. The shortlisted entries (two in each category) will be announced on the Connect Karo website on 24thMarch 2017. The final winners will be announced at the Connect Karo conference on 5th April 2017.