Connect Karo Awards 2017

WRI India Ross Center invites applications from leading and emerging players in the field of sustainable mobility to apply for the 2017 Connect Karo Awards. The Awards will be presented at the Connect Karo Conference to be held in New Delhi on 5-7 April 2017.


The theme for this year’s awards is “Rethinking Road Safety”.


With over 140,000 road traffic deaths annually, Indian roads rank as the most dangerous in the world. A majority of the victims are in the age group of 15 to 45 years, which not only puts a serious burden on their families, but also has a significant impact on the GDP of the country. In 2014, 45 percent of all road accidents and 39 percent of road fatalities in India took place in urban areas, even though cities make up for only 32 percent of the country’s population. These staggering statistics point towards a serious shortcoming in the current approach towards road safety.


The 2017 Connect Karo Awards look to acknowledge bold, innovative and effective initiatives implemented by organizations which strive to overcome this shortcoming and improve the safety of our roads and its users. The awards will be presented in three categories:

Award Categories
How to Apply
Applicants should submit the following information: 
  • A one-pager containing answers to the following questions: 

o   How does your project innovatively improve road safety?

o   What is the measurable impact of the project?

o   Did you face any challenges in implementing the project? If yes, then please describe how you overcame them.


  • A project report (not more than 15 pages long) containing the following information:

o   Project details including financing details

o   Intended and unintended results

o   Challenges faced

o   Media clippings

o   Next Steps


To Submit Application


Please submit your application to by 26 March 2017.


Important Dates


Apply by: 26 March, 2017 on the Connect Karo Website

Shortlist announced: 29 March, 2017 on the Connect Karo Website

Award distribution: 5 April, 2017 at the Connect Karo Conference


1.   Sudhir Krishna, Former Secretary - MoUD
2.   Rajesh Kalra, Editor in Chief – Times Internet
3.   Prabhat Agarwal, Member – NASSCOM Regional Council
4.   Anuradha Bhavnani, Regional Director - Shell Foundation

Winners will be invited to attend Connect Karo to be held in New Delhi on 5th, 6th and 7th April 2017. The Conference will provide them with an opportunity to meet distinguished urban transport professionals and officials. Travel and registration will be paid for by WRI India.